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Embrace the belief system of a top-performing and higher-earning agile coach.

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Learn potent positioning skills to be seen and trusted as the authority in this space.

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Learn the Mindset

The Magnetic Mindset

An easy to follow workshop that will give you a concrete understanding of how to think as a high-earning agile coach.

Start attracting agile coaching opportunities that pay you what you're truly worth, not just what you feel you're worth based on market statistics

(hint: you are not a statistic).

Discover the Right Strategy

Strategy Deep-Dive

Unlock your highest earning potential yet by understanding and executing on our proven, repeatable step-by-step income-doubling strategy that's highly customized for you and tailored to your specific needs, contexts and level of coaching experience.

Join the Mastermind

Agile Career Accelerator

Skills that will serve you for the rest of your career as you advance from $120k/year to $150k, $180k event $200k/year

Popular Workshop

The Magnetic Resume

An easy to follow workshop that will give you a concrete understanding of how to craft a resume that attracts agile opportunities you actually want (and repels the ones you don't).

Popular Certification

Coaching With Agility (ICP-ACC)

Coaching With Agility is a 22-hour weekend workshop for people who have an interest in unlocking potential of their teams and leaders. One year of coaching or scrum master experience is required to attend this workshop, as you'll be learning vicariously from the experiences of 24 other agile practitioners—something years of experience can't even teach.

What Coaches Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

"I was awed by how Scott used Level 3 listening to distill my wide variety of concerns to a single, actionable goal. Not only did his focus on prioritization and continuous improvement help me immeasurably, his coaching increased my self-confidence, as well as my ability to coach others. Thanks, Scott!"

Vicki B.

Agile Coach

"I hit a home run, and they came back within 12 hours with an offer and they added in VP! My pay raise was 45k but with incentives etc… it goes beyond that… gotta hand it to you man, you got the sauce lol."

Ryan G.

VP, Agile Coach

"Your resume format was like flipping a light switch from almost nothing to several multiple-round interviews."

Jon C.

Agile Coach

"I'm getting so much more attention now with my improved resume, LinkedIn profile and the other strategies you've taught." She said, before negotiating an offer for 110% more pay.

Chimbusomma E.

Scrum Master

"Today a member of my team said in our retrospective 'I really feel like we have come together as a team this month'. A far cry from where we were. I would highly recommend Scott a coach….thanks Scott!"

Sue D.

Development Manager

"My ability to change hearts and minds for the better is tenfold now. Thanks Scott!"

Christy S.

Scrum Master

Trusted by Agile Leaders From

(and countless others)

Trusted by Agile Leaders From

(and countless others)

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Whether you have questions about a workshop, training or private coaching, we are here to help.

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May 30, 2022

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Foggy Cable Car Metaphor Representing Agile Job Hunt Struggles

Surviving The Agile Job-Seeker's Mystery Ride

June 01, 20233 min read

Are you an Agile coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Product Manager?

Do you feel like you're being forced to play Russian Roulette with your career?

By that, I mean you're either hopping from contract role to contract role.

Unaware of what's coming next?

Or maybe you've recently been laid off.

Questioning the flimsy tightrope you're balancing on?

Buckle up, you're not the only one.

I've been in those exact same, nail-biting shoes.

  • Jobless (or forced to work menial labor jobs just to make ends meet)

  • Cringing at the thought of next month's bills.

  • Baffled as to why the interview invitations were as rare as hens' teeth.

  • Left hanging by organizations who seem to have put the interview feedback on a slow boat to China.

  • Stumped by the inexplicable decisions of organizations who chose an alternate path.

This was my reality, my career abyss, seven agonizing years ago.

I was on the bench for more than a year, scurrying to fill the gaping financial void with a side hustle, selling myself short by trading my time and expertise for meager hourly rates instead of rightfully earning an income commensurate with the value I delivered.

If I could rewind, equipped with the wisdom I have now, I would've played the job search game like a grandmaster.

Not to mention, I would have aced the side hustle, potentially bypassing the need for a 9-5 grind altogether.

People often say, "If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing."

What a load of baloney!

I would rewrite history faster than you can say agility!

But since time-travel isn't on the cards, I'm pouring my effort into sparing others from the career pitfalls I encountered.

Let's dodge the needless mental trauma of solitary trial and error, stop wasting invaluable time and losing potential income.

Here's a hard pill to swallow – being jobless equates to missing out on $2,000 to $4,000 weekly.

That's a colossal loss in terms of supporting your family, investing in your growth, advancing your career, and creating lasting memories.

Sure, money can't buy happiness.

We can't take it to the grave either

But while we're alive and breathing on this planet?

It is a powerful tool to bring positive impact to our lives and the lives of others.

Have you ever paused and calculated the cost of your career stagnation?

As agile professionals, we're accustomed to measuring the cost of delay in value delivery.

But what about the cost of delay in rebooting your career?

I wager that it's substantially higher than what you would need to invest in honing the very skills that will catapult you back into the game, propel you towards that elusive dream job or even supercharge your side hustle.

So, I pose the question again, what is your personal cost of delay?

It's often by tallying this cost that we can summon the will to seek help, devise a battle plan, and gather the guts to execute it–even if the thought sends shivers down your spine.

Stay tuned for more insights, inspiration, and support.

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—Scott Showalter

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